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Expert Code Screen Interviews

550+ interviews conducted

Hi, I am Robert.

I am a full-stack developer and professional interviewer with over 20 years of experience in the tech industry.

I've conducted more than 550 interviews for a variety of positions and levels.

As a skilled communicator and problem solver, I am dedicated to providing a comfortable and engaging interview experience for candidates. My goal is to ensure that the interview process is fair, efficient, and insightful, allowing companies to make informed hiring decisions.

Proficient in various languages and technologies

I conduct interviews in PHP, Python, JavaScript/Node.js, and Java, with questions ranging from internship level to senior SWE and SRE.

Outstanding Interview Experience


The Interview

I use a purpose-built interviewing platform with code auto-completion, syntax highlighting, a compiler, and video chat for a seamless and efficient interview experience.

Candidates can interact with me during the interview to clarify misunderstandings and receive assistance with minor issues.


Interview formats

Tailor interview format, duration, and structure to your specific needs.

  • Coding challenges
  • Technical questions
  • Code reviews
  • or Request custom content


The interview data

Receive detailed information on candidate performance in all areas of the interview.

Set your own criteria for inviting candidates to the next stage.


Candidate focused compliance

I prioritize equality and document all events objectively.

I also value privacy and comply with strict GDPR and related regulations as my company is registered in the EU.


  • 5 Interviews included
  • Email reports
  • Coding challenge format
  • Video recording
$900 / month (+VAT)
    • 20 Interviews included
    • Email reports
    • Flexible interview format:
      coding, knowledge questions, code reviews
    • Coding playback
    • Video recording
$3200 / month (+VAT)
    • Need more interviews?
    • Need something special?

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